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Limb Reconstruction

Limb reconstruction surgery is the field of trauma and orthopaedic surgery that deals with the management of deformities of upper and lower limbs, reconstruction of limb defects and limb equalization techniques. The aim of limb reconstruction surgery is to achieve maximum function form a deformed limb.

A range of modern surgical techniques are used to perform limb reconstruction surgery, including:

  • Conventional plate fixation.
  • Locking plate fixation.
  • Intramedullary Nailing.
  • Circular fine wire external fixators.
  • Bone Transport and limb lengthening.
  • Angular and/or rotational correction.
  • Joint Arthrodesis or reconstruction.
The techniques used are customized for each individual case and often involve a combination of above techniques.

Common deformities treated at OSV include:
  • Non-unions – Fractures that have failed to heal.
  • Mal-unions – Fractures that have healed in the wrong position.
  • Post-traumatic arthritis – arthritis of a joint following a fracture or trauma.
  • Bone loss – Fractures that have lost bone at the time of accident or subsequent surgery.
  • Bone infection (Osteomyelitis) – infected bone commonly associated near a site of previous injury or surgery.

These notes have been prepared by orthopaedic surgeons at OrthoSport Victoria. They are general overviews and information aimed for use by their specific patients and reflects their views, opinions and recommendations. This does not constitute medical advice. The contents are provided for information and education purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Please seek the advice of your specific surgeon or other health care provider with any questions regarding medical conditions and treatment.