Appointments with OSV surgeons are sought after. We will endeavour to provide a suitable appointment as soon as possible. Cancellation lists are also available for patients seeking an earlier appointment than is available at the time you ring.

Urgent appointments are usually available for injuries requiring immediate medical attention. They are generally requested by your referring doctor and prioritized.

When booking for surgery there are a number of factors to be considered, including urgency, surgical list availability, and patient availability. We will endeavour to provide you with a suitable surgery time.

Your surgeon will advise you before your surgery is booked of your recovery time and post-surgery requirements. You may need to consider and prepare for variables such as time required off work and aftercare, which may include help from a friend or family member.

Patients requiring urgent surgery are prioritized, usually at the request of your referring doctor.

A referral letter is required to see an OSV surgeon to ensure that you receive your Medicare rebate entitlement, as well as Medicare and private health insurance rebates if you require surgery. Your General Practitioner (GP) or another medical specialist is able to provide you with such a referral. GP referrals are usually valid for 12 months from the date of attendance and specialist referrals are valid for 3 months.

Your consultation fee will be advised when making your appointment. If you are eligible for Medicare rebates, on receipt of your fee payment your claim will be submitted directly to Medicare.

Your surgery cost will be advised prior to your surgery. You will receive an informed financial consent form regarding out-of-pocket expenses for the surgeon’s fee when you make your booking for surgery. Other costs will include anaethetist, surgical assistant, and hospital expenses, which are invoiced directly by these parties. Estimates can be obtained prior to surgery from these parties.

Private health insurance funds only cover medical fees up to certain levels. Most fees charged will be above these levels so an out-of-pocket expense can be anticipated by most patients regardless of their insurance status.

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Patients who pay the total fee upfront for surgery are eligible to claim rebates. Once surgery has taken place, a receipt with the required information is issued and this can be submitted to your private health fund and/or Medicare to claim your rebates.

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The medical gap payment is the difference between what Medicare and your private health fund will pay towards your treatment, and what your surgeon charges. This gap is payable to the patient. Depending on your private health insurance, there may be gaps or excesses payable to other doctors involved in your care or to the hospital.

“No Gap” schemes set the fee the surgeon can charge so that no gap payment is required. This then represents a discount on the surgeon’s standard fee.  Our staff will advise you regarding out-of-pocket expenses if you book surgery.

Our staff can advise you of parking options for your selected location when booking your appointment. Our hospital locations will have pay-by-the-hour parking and metered street parking. Most locations are readily accessible by public transport. For our locations Click here.

You may require crutches or other mobility aids and equipment to help you to recover and regain your independence after surgery. The team at OSV will advise you when booking your surgery. Crutches can be hired or purchased from most local pharmacies, as with most other mobility aids. If you will be requiring them after surgery, please ensure you organise them prior to your surgery and bring them to the hospital with you.

Some of our surgeons see WorkCover, TAC, and self-insured patients. Please inform our staff when booking your appointment so that we can ensure an appointment with an appropriate surgeon.


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