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Foot and ankle surgery is a specialised area of orthopaedic surgery. The surgery can be quite challenging and every patient is different with unique needs and goals.

Something as simple as walking on an uneven footpath can cause a rolled ankle resulting in the most common ankle injury, a sprained ankle.

Aside from an ankle sprain, other common problems around the foot and ankle include bone spurs, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, tendon injuries such as Achilles tendon tears, flat foot, and fractures.

Foot & Ankle Conditions

Orthopaedic injuries include any injury to the musculoskeletal system. These injuries relating to the bones and joints are often the result of a sporting injury, accident, or trauma to the body. From elite athletes and sporting greats, children, the elderly, OSV surgeons have helped thousands of patients regain their freedom and quality of life from these types of injuries. Select an area of specialisation to read more about the conditions we treat.

Syndesmosis Injury

An injury to the syndesmosis ligaments is also called a high ankle sprain. Damage to these ligaments leads to a loss of stability at the bottom of the shin and particularly the ankle, often resulting in reduced ankle joint movement, reduced balance, stability and power.

Chronic Ankle Instability

Ankle Instability happens when the ankle joint repeatedly gives way during sport or daily activities, which leads to recurrent ankle sprains, joint pain, swelling, inflammation, and further damage to the ligaments around the ankle.


A Bunion is a protrusion of bone or tissue around a toe joint. Most often, these develop at the MTP joint, and less commonly in the little toe.

Tibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction (Acquired Flatfoot)

Foot Anatomy The foot is a complex structure composed of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues that work together to support body weight, absorb shock, and facilitate movement. In the context of PTTD, understanding the anatomy of the foot is crucial. One of the key structures involved in PTTD is the tibialis posterior (TP)… Continue reading Tibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction (Acquired Flatfoot)

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