The Shoulder

Shoulder injuries can be caused by sports or everyday activities that involve excessive overhead arm motion.

Painful shoulder injuries that limit movement are common and include rotator cuff tears and disorders, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, bursitis, fractures, shoulder dislocation and instability, and SLAP tear. In addition to relieving pain, treatment is aimed at restoring mobility of the shoulder joint.

Shoulder Conditions

Orthopaedic injuries include any injury to the musculoskeletal system. These injuries relating to the bones and joints are often the result of a sporting injury, accident, or trauma to the body. From elite athletes and sporting greats, children, the elderly, OSV surgeons have helped thousands of patients regain their freedom and quality of life from these types of injuries. Select an area of specialisation to read more about the conditions we treat.

Shoulder Arthritis

Shoulder Arthritis is the gradual wear and tear of cartilage, more commonly in the ball and socket joint than acromioclavicular, which results in the loss of a smooth gliding motion for the joint and causes the associated pain and restricted movement.

Rotator Cuff Tear

A rotator cuff tear occurs when one or more of the rotator cuff tendons is torn and no longer fully attaches to the head of the humerus.

Shoulder Surgery & Treatments

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