Limb Reconstruction

The Limb Reconstruction

Limb reconstruction refers to techniques where the shape and function, or length of a bone in the arm or leg is altered, due to a problem from birth, or due to trauma.

Limb reconstruction surgery lengthens or straightens, or ‘reconstructs’ a bone or joint (deformed limb) using an external fixator, or frame.

Limb Reconstruction Conditions

Orthopaedic injuries include any injury to the musculoskeletal system. These injuries relating to the bones and joints are often the result of a sporting injury, accident, or trauma to the body. From elite athletes and sporting greats, children, the elderly, OSV surgeons have helped thousands of patients regain their freedom and quality of life from these types of injuries.

Common deformities treated at OSV include:

Limb Reconstruction Surgery & Treatments

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